Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We have a set of values that drive and determine how we do business. The vision of the GreenTech Group (GTG) has always been to change the way the world develops and works. Our approach to CSR aligns responsible business practices and social investments to create long-term value for our business, as well as our clients, partners and customers. GTG is engaging the power of the human network to transform societies, create a thriving employee experience, govern our business, develop products responsibly, and protect the environment.

This CSR is valid for all national as well as international companies that are part of and or associated with the GreenTech Group and or referred to in the groups annual reporting. GreenTech operates in more than 25 countries around the world, primarily in Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. As the GreenTech group expands globally, we will continue to improve and develop programs that challenge us to make progress in all facets of our business.

Governance and Ethics

GTG's CSR strategy is founded on a strong commitment to ethical conduct and robust management processes to govern our programs. Our CSR business process mirrors our collaborative management model, tapping into cross-functional expertise and perspectives from across the company. The GTG Code of Business Conduct guides our employees' behavior, and we require our business partners and suppliers to uphold the same high standards.

Engaging with key stakeholder groups including customers, investors, clients, employees, communities, governments, and regulators provides important feedback and influence on our CSR strategy. This helps us to prioritize the issues that are most significant to stakeholders and our business.

Management Approach

Our adaptive and collaborative management model is designed to enable GTG to respond quickly to changing market conditions and seize emerging opportunities. We use a similar model to align our CSR activities and stakeholder engagement with broader business strategies and corporate values. We strive to refine our CSR initiatives and governance practices to increase long-term stakeholder value, business sustainability, and transparency, while at the same time reducing inefficiencies and risk. We are making a difference by leading with integrity and determination to have a positive impact in everything we do.

Business Ethics

GTG is committed to conducting business ethically and honestly everywhere we operate. That commitment helps us attract and retain customers, business partners, and talented employees, and helps maintain our good reputation among regulators, government bodies, investors, and communities. We expect all GTG employees to follow our code of business conduct and all business partners to comply with the complementary supplier ethics policy. Each of these policies includes a requirement of compliance with all applicable regional and national laws and regulations.

Proximity Principle

GTG strongly guards our core values on proximity and vicinity in all our programs. We restore the Socio-Economic infrastructure where needed. Primarily we support technology solutions where the source and the product utilization can take place in the same local or regional area. We highly believe in self-sufficiency concepts in e.g., renewable energy, agriculture and human living areas. Engaging with local communities is a vital element of our business and work. We further support the United Nation Sustainable Energy for All program. In practical terms and action, this is carried out through our various “Waste into Energy”, "Clean Energy", “BioProducts” and "GreenGrid" concepts. All programs further follows the Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) metrics. Through these, we ensure that modern affordable energy – on local conditions – together with our GreenCombo housing program adds a total new dimension to developing countries.

Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC)

GTG is committed to driving the highest standards for social responsibility throughout our supply base. We require that our suppliers uphold the human rights of workers, provide safe working conditions and treat workers with dignity and respect.

Environmental issues

At GTG we take responsibility for minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and products. Our technologies all includes renewable and alternative energy solutions, which is any natural occurring, such as biomass, solar, wind, tidal, geothermal and or hydro electrical power, that is not derived from fossil or nuclear fuel or source. Including any other technology that improve operational performance, productivity and or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste or pollution such as carbon emissions. We support the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI).

As referred to in our proximity principles, we work hard to minimize our overall carbon footprint, either it's through reduced transportation of products, reduced emissions generated by our facilities or utilization of maximum recycling technology.

Code of Business Conduct

Our code of business conduct (CBC) defines our expectations for employees' ethical behavior. The CBC provides information about our ethics policies and procedures, guidelines for ethical decision-making and real-life examples of ethical dilemmas.

The CBC strives to promote:

• Honest and ethical conduct

• Full, accurate, and timely disclosures to government agencies and in other public communications where appropriate

• Protection of confidential and proprietary information belonging to GTG, our customers, and our suppliers

• Compliance with applicable government laws, rules, and regulations

• Prompt reporting of violations

Violations of the CBC may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment in certain cases. Employees must also comply with our anti-corruption policy.

Human Rights

GTG evaluates and responds to human rights issues within its business operations on a regular basis. The Board routinely discusses human rights issues and our leadership invests significant effort to promote policies and activities that are consistent with our goals to protect human rights around the world. Our employee policies incorporate ethical principles including those pertaining to human rights such as freedom of association, nondiscrimination, privacy, compulsory and child labor, immigration, wages, and working hours.

GTG fully supports the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we expect all our employees to "treat others equally and with respect and dignity." GTG has adopted the following two principles focused on human rights from the UN Global Compact:

• Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights;


• Principle 2: Businesses should make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

GTG supports all of the 10 UN Global principles. GTG has also stated publicly that it does not customize or develop specialized or unique filtering capabilities to enable different regimes to block access to information. GTG's investments and sales activities are conducted worldwide in strict compliance with export rules and regulations, which are informed by human rights principles.