Our Key Product & Technology Areas

Waste Concepts

We build from waste. The result is sophisticated and highly advanced systems developed and manufactured by GreenTech in cooperation with our global partners in waste handling technology.

Its cost efficient from source to the final environment friendly and profitable products.

From trash to cash.

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Defense Systems

We offer our global clients decades of expertise in the defense system and technology sector for air, land, sea and law enforcement.

We supply battle proven, sophisticated and long lasting equipment.

We additionally develop and co-develop in areas for the future battlefields within autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence.

Working with us guarantees you the best solution available – for today and for the future.

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Sustainable Energy Technology

Our wide spectrum of unique product developments, exceeds any standards.

All our different system solutions offers a maximum and positive impact in reduction of emissions, leave a zero carbon footprint and are of non-fossil based nature.

Its about advanced technology for an ever changing world.

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Infrastructure Projects

As with all other programs, our infrastructure projects build on extensive expertise and supports an optimal level of proximity.

Several of our infrastructure solutions are based upon our own ground breaking technology in sustainable solutions.

GreenTech works and stays local and our products and services supports local communities.

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Expectations and values