Infrastructure = GreenStructure which is based upon all our programs together, supporting large scale infrastructure projects in selected regions, where GreenTech develops and participate in major infrastructure improvements, as:

• Railway projects for goods and people. • Sustainable energy solutions. • Eco-Village projects with integrated sustainable energy, re-cycling and waste handling facilities. • School projects. • Hospital projects. • Vitruvian Garden for healthy and affordable food concepts. • Restoration of Socio-Economic infrastructure.

We build houses with the latest technology revolution: 3D printing from scratch – houses build in less than 24 hours or when its bigger – in a few days. Our unique waste conversion into new raw materials can be 3D extruded through the system as well.

As with all other GreenTech programs, our infrastructure projects supports an optimal level of proximity. GreenTech works local and stays local - our products and services supports the local communities.